Are you in the market for a used vehicle but are worried about its quality? Fret not! At MAG Volvo Cars Dublin, we have a comprehensive inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles that have undergone countless inspections to ensure that they are quality. If you're worried about buying used but can't afford to buy new, a certified pre-owned vehicle might be just what you've been waiting for.

Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

When you buy a used vehicle, you want to leave feeling confident that it has your back. Our certified pre-owned vehicles have been inspected and some of them come protected under extended warranties. Many of our certified pre-owned vehicles have only a few hundred miles on them as opposed to our used lot which can have much more listed on the odometer. We also only put vehicles in our certified pre-owned inventory if they fall within a certain age range, that way you know you're getting a newer vehicle at a lower price.

Sometimes, we even offer our customers specials deals and financing options on our certified pre-owned Volvo inventory. Some of the other benefits you can find on some of our certified pre-owned vehicles include free scheduled maintenance, roadside assistance, and replacement transportation if your car is in the shop.

Learn More About Our Certified Pre-Owned Program Today!

You may have more questions about our program and all the specifics, in which case, we invite you to stop by our Volvo dealership to learn more. One of our sales associates will be able to tell you which models qualify as certified pre-owned vehicles and the added benefits that come with it. So, don't hesitate and come visit us at MAG Volvo Cars Dublin today!

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