What Are the Top Three Safety Features of the New Volvo S90?


Volvo is known for its innovative safety features that provide everything from passive safety features, like seat design, to highly sophisticated driver assistance features. The new Volvo S90 delivers not only exceptional comfort and Scandinavian elegance, but Dublin drivers can count on the latest safety features.

Find out what the top three safety features that the new S90 offers that could change your confidence when driving around Columbus.

Top Three Safety Features for the New S90

The new S90 offers advanced safety technology for a broad range of driving needs. Whether it's keeping centered in your lane or protecting New Albany drivers in a collision, every aspect of the S90's safety has been meticulously designed. Explore the top safety features for the new S90 to get a sense of the security that you can expect.

1. City Safety Collision Avoidance Technology

The S90 uses radar and camera technology to anticipate potential danger and helps Upper Arlington drivers mitigate or avoid damage. Where some other collision avoidance systems can sense other vehicles and pedestrians during the daytime, the S90 takes it a step further by also detecting large animals and cyclists day or night.

2. Seating

While it may not seem as impressive as driver assistance technology, the current generation of Volvo S90 seats provide a high degree of protection. Different types of steel compose the S90's seats for both safety and comfort. The seats absorb energy between the seat and seat frame to help reduce spinal injuries. It even deforms mechanically to cushion the vertical forces from a hard landing.

3. Run-Off Road Mitigation

This feature can help reduce the risk of a road departure. When it senses that you are in danger of going off the road, it assists with steering to help keep you on your intended path. The front safety belts electronically tighten to protect passengers when a collision is imminent.

Learn More About the New Volvo S90

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