Brake Pad Replacement

Volvo Brake Pad Replacement in Dublin, OH

At MAG Volvo Cars Dublin, we know the Volvo braking system and its brake pad maintenance services professionally. Our certified technicians have an expert understanding of the Volvo braking system and have performed countless brake pad inspections and replacement services for all Volvo cars. We double-down on our customer value proposition with valuable service extras such as our service and parts specials, complimentary multi-point inspections, courtesy loaner vehicles, Saturday service hours, and online service scheduling.


Volvo Braking & Brake Pad Maintenance 101

All Volvo vehicles have a braking system that slows them down and brings them to a stop. The powerful camping between the brake pads and rotors limits brake pad life because they are designed to wear out purposefully to protect the other braking components from metal-on-metal grinding. Since brakes pads wear with each stop incrementally, they will eventually wear down and need a replacement service when they are worn.

Hydraulic Brake Fluid and Automotive Braking

When the driver pushes the brake pedal, the master cylinder pump amplifies the pressure input and sends exponential energy through the brake fluid into the calipers where the brake pads are pushed against the brake rotor disc powerfully to create resistance adequate to stop a vehicle weighing several thousand pounds quickly.

What are the Indicators of Worn-out Brake Pads?

Today’s brake pads are designed with a special warning indicator that provides a telltale screeching noise signaling drivers when little brake pad remains. Ignoring the warning indicator and putting off maintenance is a good way to invite preventable risks and safety consequences. If brake pads continue to wear beyond the warning indicator, here is what to expect next:

  • Grinding, rubbing, or other metal-on-metal noises
  • Must push the brake pedal down farther to stop successfully
  • Brake pedal has a different feeling, either stiffer or spongy
  • Shaking in the brake pedal or steering wheel
  • Burning smell near the wheels
  • Brake system warning light

Brake Pad Replacement Service

A certified technician at our service center will remove all of the vehicle’s worn brake pads, inspect the full brake system comprehensively as well as the exposed steering and handling components, and if all is well, install new Volvo OEM brake pads from our full-service parts department.

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