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Brake Services in Dublin, OH as Part of Routine Maintenance

Every driver understands the need for fuel and cleaning to keep their car running and maintain its value and the need for regular oil changes. Most drivers understand the need for further routine maintenance to correct any potential problems before they cause further damage. One aspect of the vehicle many drivers overlook is the most important safety feature a car has, the brake system. It might seem simple enough to change the brake pads if they begin squeaking or with newer models, a dashboard reminder comes on, but there are more aspects to the system which also require attention.

Why Brake Systems Need Routine Servicing

Other than the brake pads, the brake system includes multiple components and like anything mechanical, they do receive wear and tear over time. Brake systems include hydraulic lines filled with fluid, the fluid can become contaminated over time with internal condensation or flaking from gaskets. Additionally, because the fluid level changes as brake pads wear, a closed system wouldn't allow for topping off of the fluid, yet an open system can allow exterior debris to enter in some cases. Such contamination requires the fluid to be drained and refilled, or perhaps even rinsed with fresh fluid several times to clean out any accumulation of debris.


What Can Happen When Brakes Fail to Operate

The first consideration toward brake problems is there are enough safety redundancies designed into the system to assure the car can still stop if a problem arises, even if stopping power isn't as efficient as it should be. The most obvious redundancy is there are four wheels, each with its own brake, so if one pad wears out completely or otherwise stops working, the other three although are likely going to fail soon will continue to stop the car. If the brake fluid runs out or fails to perform as intended, the brakes will still work, but manually without hydraulic power assistance. Outside of the safety issues when brakes are left unmaintained long enough for such problems to occur, another problem is more damage will occur, requiring far more expensive parts and labor procedures to properly repair.

Brake Services

Finding a Dealer to Conduct Vehicle Maintenance

For brake service and other maintenance in Dublin, OH and the surrounding areas of Columbus, Westerville, Hillard, and Worthington, come by MAG Volvo Cars Dublin. Our shop is fully equipped for any repairs or service, and our technicians are trained professionals who understand the needs of your car and whether any recall or warranty information might apply. You'll find our staff friendly and helpful, ready to care for your car and get you back on the road safely and efficiently.

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